Would you like to know an easy way to make lots of money? I will let you know how many have done this for years and since they still exist it must be legal right?

In many of the Adult Bookstores and novelty shops around the USA there are Glory Holes. These businesses make lots of money from these holes. So how does this work you may be asking yourself. Many of the Adult Stores have backrooms that are dimly lit with peep shows. These peep shows are in small rooms normally the right size for 1 person and they have monitors connected to a computer system and money slots. Titles / movie excerpts scroll across the screen from XXX rated movies and you can select the one or ones you would like to watch. For a couple dollars the title will play for a predetermined amount of time. Ok now comes the problems that this creates. Imagine rows and rows in larger stores or maybe just a few of these rooms in smaller stores. They are lined up one after another side by side similar to bathroom stalls. Men go into these places from all walks of life (Married with or without kids, older, younger even people of the clergy) many of them get worked up and need a little relief while watching these movies. Some of these places have doors on these stalls others have curtains some are wide open. Men go to these places to watch or be watched by others and also will help each other out when the mood is right. Well as if all this is not bad enough now let us bring in the Glory Holes. These are holes that are in the walls so that you can stick your blank thru the walls and have the guy on the other side have some fun with it and never see who it belongs to. Sometimes they will just masturbate or give oral other times the guy on the other side will let them do more by bending over and getting blanked by the guy on the other side. These store owners do not care what goes on in the booths as long as the guys keep the money going in the slots and keeping the peep shows running. Places like this when in a city or near a major highway / thru fare can average $5,000 a week plus per glory hole.

These places get advertised by words of mouth and now with the internet people have created websites to let you know where to go and if you are looking for this in almost every major city in the USA and around the world. The patrons of these stores also go onto these sites and talk about their personal experiences. Below are 2 comments that are directly from one of these sites, I have replaced the word blank in places that have words that I feel should not be in this article:

“They have a new glory hole between booth 4 -5. I personally like the cinema lounge so I can suck and blank for hours, but for that quickie the new glory hole is nice. It is a big one, so plenty of room for big blanks.”


“I was only there last Sunday evening and it was fairly busy, I am not sure who the nasty guy you are talking about is, but some guy did say to put money in the machines over a PA. The jobs some of us have. Anyway, I found the glory hole and had a nice time with it. I may go back tonight. The other place is a little weird and all the booths should have glory holes.”

The one guy had the nerve to talk about the guy talking over the PA and his job. If this guy / customer could be normal and meet his sexual partners like others and not behind a glory hole and the guy on the PA boss would not tell the employee to make sure the customers keep the money going in the slots so he can get a paycheck then the guy on the PA wouldn’t have such an odd job.

I wonder if the owners and their family members go behind the hole to give or receive, I bet in some stores they do.

So unfortunately I worked in this industry for 10 years. I do not agree with these stores. Everyday I was there I hated what went on in these backrooms and it disgusts me. Now this does not mean that there should not be a place to sell the books, Magazines and novelties. It is the Back rooms and the seediness that goes on that needs to be stopped.  

So are you out of work and need a new opportunity for paying your bills just open up one of these stores. Get a drill and make some holes and you will be making easy money. As long as you can sleep knowing that diseases are being passed back and forth between your customers and the families they take them home to including their unborn children…Then it is Easy Money

 Story By John S De Santo I