Does anyone obey the laws?


As I think back on things that happened while I worked at one of the adult bookstores located on Passyunk Ave the “Corridor of Crime” in Philadelphia, I remember it was just over a year ago August of 2010. Many thing were going on and had been going on for quite some time at the store, the owner didn’t care as long as he was making money. Men would come in and have sex with the girls depending on the amount they paid would depend on how far the girls would let them go. Technically it was prostitution in a store open to the public. Who would have thought that you can be granted a license to open a business to let these things go on? The police and other law enforcement know this goes on yet they look the other way. If you look at the news they are some of the ones who frequent these stores and they are also the only ones that end up in the news about it. As if that is not bad enough if you didn’t have the money to pay one of the hired girls to let you abuse her body, all you needed was a few bucks and you could have sex with men in the peepshow area of the store. Many times the owner would say to me and other employees look the other way as long as they are putting money in the machine. Let them do what they want. I wonder how many of these men would go home and tell their wives, girlfriends and family… today I went to the book store and had unprotected sex.  I spent our food money for the week on a girl that has sex with anything that walks in – or – I went to the peepshow and had anonymous sex with a few guys. Oral anal we did it all no condoms were used that takes the thrill out of it. Boy it was a delicious good time can’t wait to do that again.   I worked in this store for 10 years and I have questioned how long this has been going on and why do we continue to allow these stores to operate and never close them down. We treat them like this is a law abiding way to make money. Are the people in our local government offices involved somehow and that’s why laws are not enforced? Are your family, friends, and neighbors frequenting these stores? What would happen if you found out that your wife or daughter worked in one of these stores? What would you do if you found out your husband went there and had sex with anything he could male or female? I bet many would be surprised at who does go to these stores. It is not just who you would think but many prominent doctors, lawyers, clergy, and law officials. There was a running joke in the store I worked at because of an old commercial for a local news show, we had a local news van come in all of the time he liked it dirty and often one right after another multiple times a week.
As I write this I get more and more disgusted men coming and making a store owner rich and spreading all sorts of STD’s (sexually transmitted deceases). Taking these STDs and spreading them to their families even to their unborn children. If a person knowingly has unprotected sex with another person and they know they have already been diagnosed with a STD should they be held accountable for their actions? If a children’s toy company can be held liable for a child choking on a toy or eating lead based paint shouldn’t a store owner also be held liable for allowing these acts to go on in their store, if someone contracts decease or dies from a deadly decease they contracted in their store? 

Some Statisics: Pennsylvania reported 38,217 AIDS cases to CDC, cumulatively, from the beginning of the epidemic through December 2008. Pennsylvania ranked 7th highest among the 50 states in cumulative reported AIDS cases.

Why doesn’t law enforcement do anything about this? Are they afraid they will be the next ones in a public sex scandal headline?

If our morals have come down this far in our country then we need to change the laws. We need this on the ballot let the people decide if these stores should continue to make money off of sex. If it is legal there then we should also make it legal in cars, parks, men’s rooms and locker rooms. Make it legal for people to sell their bodies to be abused on street corners there really is no difference except in the stores the owner makes a lot of money off of illegal acts.

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW! 


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

Story By John S De Santo I