For more information and to sign the Petition for the TRUTH, please visit \n\n\nThis petition for the TRUTH is meant to serve as a plea to our world government leaders for answers, acknowledgment or denial that they know or are aware that a life changing event is going to occur on or before the highly anticipated date of December 21 2012. \n\nThis plea is based on the seemingly endless number of prophecies, predictions and theories surrounding what many believe could be the end of the world as we know it. \n\nMillions of people around the world strongly believe in the realities of coming disaster, while others simply ponder the possibilities. \n\nThe people of our planet are frightened and are looking for true and honest answers from our trusted leaders.\n\nIt’s time for the leaders of our free nations to step up and tell us what they know or don’t know about the coming events of December 21 2012.