Micah Parsons expressed surprise over the fact that deal did not include Marine veteran Paul Whelan



1 hour ago

Everyone should be shocked but veterans knew this was coming. He doesn’t care about us in the least. It’s all about the votes. I hope people see right through this like this young man did.


26 minutes ago

I’m no expert in international negotiations, however trading a pot smoking woman who sounds identical to a dude for someone known as the “Merchant of death.” I don’t think we got the better end of that deal. Just saying.


2 minutes ago

Amen, 12798!


13 minutes ago

Terrible deal. Weak Biden never gets a good deal for Americans. I am so disgusted that Biden is unable to get veterans out of those prison places. I am glad that Brittany Griner is out of there. But Whelan and Griner both should have been exchanged for that arms dealer.


2 minutes ago

Why didn’t Trump secure release of the Whelan in 2018? Or 2019? Or 2020? Or January 2021? Trump’s disdain for our military, shown time and time again is unconscionable.


1 minute ago

His dead son was a veteran so don’t say he doesn’t care about veterans. I voted for Trump but was done with him once he wanted to take IU away from veterans. I have 2 friends who could not live without it. Luckily, the VFW made such a stink he had to drop it. I did not vote for Biden or Trump in the last election. Hopefully, we will have good choices in 2024. DeSantis is looking good but we may have a few more good choices soon.

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2 hours ago

Pro Athlete = Entertainment. Military Veteran = Freedom/Courage/Sacrifice… What do our active and retired military personnel have to prove in order to be recognized? We US Citizens need to wake up. Why do we remain sleeping while the real heroes are forgotten? WAKE UP AMERICA!

2 hours ago

I agree totally. There is no way a drug using “athlete” should be more important than a veteran to get back home. The Biden administration is a disgrace.


1 hour ago

Afghanistan and now this? How can anyone support this administration at this point?


2 hours ago

This administration has proven it disdain for our military time and time again. From the vax mandate, to the Afghan pullout, and now to this prisoner swap. To trade the Merchant of Death for a basketball player, who did break Russian law, over a marine that has served this country is unconscionable.


20 minutes ago

Unconscionable? You’re implying that people in the Biden administration have a conscience. Look at they’ve done since day one.


19 minutes ago

A basketball player who disrespects America vs a Marine who fought for us.


2 minutes ago

Have you stopped to think that maybe Whelan is guilty of espionage. The fact that Trump was also unable to get him released makes me think that there might be some truth to the allegations.

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2 hours ago

Wanting a US service member home has ZERO to do with Trump. Why walk back your statement and apologize? He is a patriot that fought for the country. She is a basketball player. Who got brought home? That’s really all that needs to be said. Current military members better pay attention. This adminis…See more


22 minutes ago

You left out a basketball player who took a knee for the National anthem.


26 minutes ago

Exactly why this veteran does not recommend going into the military. Not only does the O’Biden cabal not have your back; they will require you to be injected, against your will, with poisonous vaccines.


53 minutes ago

As a retired veteran, again I see politicians (like Hillary/ Benghazi) leaving our troops to fend for themselves as they clearly care more for the political implications of their moves than the well-being of Americans and specifically our troops (past or present). We won’t ever forget.

1 hour ago

Boy, I miss Trump

AP Report

Trump Just Achieved What Every President Since Nixon Had Promised: Energy Independence

04:37 PM ET 12/07/2018

Energy Security: Last week, the U.S. exported more oil than we imported, for the first time in 70-plus years. And it happened not because of decades of federal “energy policies,” but despite them.

Since Richard Nixon was in the White House, presidents have pushed national energy plans that, they said, would reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. These plans all had one thing in common — they all assumed that increased domestic oil production couldn’t solve the problem.

Instead, from Nixon on down, Republican and Democratic presidents declared that the only way to achieve energy independence was through some combination of strict conservation measures and “alternative” forms of energy.

Lo and behold, Trump was right.

Advanced drilling technologies have opened vast expanses of domestic oil and natural gas. And as domestic production skyrocketed, imports have been steadily dropping.

Trump understands that energy independence doesn’t require yet another “energy plan” that tells people to wear more sweaters in the winter and wastes money on “new” energy sources.

It just requires government to get out of the way so that oil companies can get at the vast supplies of good old oil right under our own feet .


2 hours ago

Smart player, recognizes when he is being used.


2 hours ago

Trading her for a terrorist will finish us off. The chasm has no widened, and it’s pretty clear what is going on. Watch for ALL drug related offenders, everywhere, to be released, let off, pardoned. Escalated crime will ensue, of course, destabilizing the entire country, while they conveniently enact laws constricting weapons, ammunition, capacity, number and size. Stock up now, hide them away, it’s coming.


1 hour ago

Woke player, recognizes when standing up for what he believes in is less popular than kneeling like Geriner does. There, fixed it for ya.

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2 hours ago

It’s sad that someone has to walk back, explain, justify or apologize for expressing a sincere opinion.


44 minutes ago

Because he is afraid he will lose his high paying job and money by saying anything against a democrat, the protected people.


2 hours ago

Freedom of speech still has leftist chains attached to it!

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2 hours ago

I am not angry at Biden; he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. I am angry at all the people who support a president that places people who denounce this country over those who fight for this country.


1 hour ago

So you’re saying Biden has zero culpability? That’s almost as scary as the people who support him.


46 minutes ago

Biden knows exactly what hes doing. I’m not buying the old man routine anymore. Old Crusty is fully aware of how much damage he is causing.


2 hours ago

No need to apologize about anything Parsons. Most are feeling the same way you are. I’m glad you said it out loud. Thank you.


1 hour ago

His anti-Joe comment got his brothers up in arms.


1 hour ago

Unfortunately he caved to “people he respects” and apologized for having an opinion and an emotion. Two things not allowed with the “woke” dopes.