Health care professionals unsure if season is peaking early or will be sustained through winter

• Bgunz
In reality, the majority of those patients don’t need any type of hospital care. They’re likely on Medicare or some form of Medicaid. As usual,wasting govt dollars.

The vast majority of them are probably illegals. Taxpayer picks up the tab for their treatment.
Medicare and Medicaid are paid for by the recipients, not the federal government.
Not accurate. You might want to research that a bit.
Medicaid is paid for by the taxpayers.
After the relentless covid debacle, we don’t believe ANYTHING they say, and we don’t believe ANYTHING is being handled competently. All credibility is irreversibly lost.
There never was a reason to trust “governments” and those alleged “experts”
I guess medicine has gone “woke”, among other evils. My confidence in doctors is just above zero.

They are going off bad statistics first of all. I know first hand majority of the hospitals were not checking for the flu last year. Covid was the only concern so I would go back to before Covid for stats. Also everyone’s immune system is suppressed from all the masks and quarantine. California and…

At least they’re calling it the flu again. There’s no telling how many lives these mask mandates, lockdown mandates, and vaccine mandates pushed by liberal politicians have destroyed. COVID was a scam of biblical proportions. And who got rich from it? The politicians and the elitesL
The flu disappeared for 2 years now it magically reappeared.

Well, what do you bet that most all of these patients had their immune systems weakened because of the COVID shots???

people in California kept themselves inside for for more than two years and there immune system as become weaker because of it ..
That is not how immunology works.

Flu cases are up this year over last year because last year they were calling the flu cases Covid-

You know there are tests for that right?

This is what happens when you run around in a mask. You need germs to build a natural immunity to sickness.
But the masks don’t work, remember? It is likely more about the use or antimicrobials everywhere in your home and on your body all the time.
Even over using hand wash is bad for you.

Wait… I thought the flu went away. During covid there were no flu cases… what gives?? Lol…
Get rid of the illegals and the hospitals won’t be overwhelmed. You can expect this for the entire country thanks to Joe and his 2.7 million(and growing) guests
California is a sanctuary State. That isn’t happening any time soon.


Open borders complicates our flue and virus season.
Is the government still subsidizing hospitals for Covid patients? If so that would explain it.

The covid ‘vaccine’ has weakened the immune system of those who took it
No, that makes no sense from an immunology standpoint. That is the same as suggesting those who received a polio vaccine are now more susceptible to Hep B.

Funny I don’t hear about a huge rise in cases anywhere else. Also, didn’t they already announce that the drug companies were infusing the covid vax with the influenza vax as a combo? I believe I’ll be passing this flu vaccine up also.

It’s up everywhere. Certainly in Texas.
• annamaree
Weren’t they still blaming any/all illness on Covid last year? Seem to remember how they mentioned the flu was not as prevalent…
Correct the flu was not as prevalent. There is a huge amount of data indicating the low flu rate was due to people isolating while sick and masking.