It is no secret that the left would love to replace President Trump. The thinking is that he is basically incompetent. May I suggest an alternative? 

Come November consider voting for Mr. Biden. He will promote open borders and sanctuary cities allowing the criminal element of undocumented aliens to roam free while simultaneously releasing more criminals from prison. To assure their safety and well-being he will defund the police departments and take guns away from private citizens. This will allow the criminals to comfortably do what they do best.

He will continue to allow the blue states (Democrat governors and mayors), to not arrest the rioters, looters and murderers including 18 of the top 20 cities with the highest violent crime rates. Destruction of statues and historical monuments and the burning of the American flag will continue. To assure the rioting continues the left will continue funding organizations like Black Lives Matter and antifa. All of this without anyone from the left speaking out against this! 

President Biden will raise taxes to keep the economy from recovering and to partially pay for his everything-is-free socialist agenda. Some of the other side benefits of his presidency will be promoting multiculturalism, identity politics, and “twilight zone” political correctness, stifling free speech, aborting more babies, and purging any references to God from our culture.

The reality check is that removing God from our culture is the root cause of America’s demise. The downfall of many nations has been when “everyone does what is right in their own eyes.” (Judges 21:25) 

All you good Democrats need to wake up. The party you loved and that served you well for many years no longer exists. Is your anger at President Trump worth the cost of destroying our nation’s way of life? We need to return to the America we all have known and loved. Let us be a God fearing nation. Let us return to our national motto, “In God We Trust.” 

Norm Liesener, Payson