Paul Whelan’s family wants President Biden to be more ‘assertive’ and take Russian prisoners


1 hour ago

This is a real problem. I think this deal should not have been made until both prisoners could come home. This is not a democratic issue – compromise is not acceptable.


3 minutes ago

Perhaps a quick read of “The Art of the Deal” should have happened first…


1 hour ago

Somehow a professional athlete is more important than a person who served his country with honor. We truly live in the Twilight Zone.


6 minutes ago

Just the fact that he has been there so much longer should have made him priority. It’s unjust of Biden to do this.


11 minutes ago

This release is a commentary on American priorities…


Doubt it. More likely the negotiation for Paul Whelan is just much more difficult. There was a reason Trump wasn’t able to get it done.


46 minutes ago

Griner new the what she did wasn’t legal, but she did it anyway. Elite sports status should not excuse someone who doesn’t follow the law.


1 hour ago

They also leave behind Marc Fogel who was in there for less than 20 grams of marijuana. Is this because he’s white or not famous or is there something different about his case?

He wasn’t listed as “wrongfully detained” but I have been unable to find the difference other than race & celebrity status.


33 minutes ago

He does not check the right boxes.


22 minutes ago

Yes, it is because he’s white. We all know it, just start saying it.


1 hour ago

I’m guessing there are those who believe Griner is an American hero and an example to emulate, but I’m not one of those people. Griner broke the law, and though I believe her punishment was extreme, it isn’t my place to say how the international community passes sentence. That said, there are true Patriots (not White Nationalists) imprisoned all over the world that deserve brokered release before Griner. It is disheartening that this administration will claim this as a victory, but unfortunately their victory has further destabilized the world and shown the current strength of our country.


1 hour ago

Watch the Biden administration do a “victory lap” and parade Britney Griner around the country as hope for all lesbians.

The trade for Viktor Bout (other than for symbolism), was about as one-sided in favor of the Russians as one could get.

But in the inverted world of American society, it will be viewed as the ultimate triumph.


59 minutes ago

This is a TRUE travesty. It’s like the Yankees trading Aaron Judge for me.


41 minutes ago

So our military veterans continue to get third class treatment (recall the Afghan withdrawal?) while those who entertain us are the privileged ones. What a wonderful president we have!


22 minutes ago

Not his voters, not his problem.


21 minutes ago

Our country has been like this for a long time and unfortunately it will get worse.


1 hour ago

Well what do you know. Think I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat…


44 minutes ago

Sad to say but it hasn’t been a puzzle for a very long time.


59 minutes ago

Gay, Black, Woke, Athlete, had other Woke people clamoring for It.


44 minutes ago

Whelan’s brother/family is far more gracious than I could be under the circumstances. I will pray for Paul Whelan’s imminent release.


41 minutes ago

They have no choice. If they rock the boat, then Biden will stop any effort to get him released.


40 minutes ago

there is a website to assist (mr. whelen), if you want or choose to.

better than giving $ to the money laundering, bigoted and racist:

BLM (my thoughts).


1 hour ago

This speaks volumes on the current priorities of this country. We have a shortage of enlistments in the service; this will do severe damage to recruiting efforts and morale of existing service men and women.


23 minutes ago

Would you serve under this? They are leaving in droves. It will be all minorities and illegals before long.


41 minutes ago

We need a president who knows how to negotiate. Oh, wait….


1 hour ago

Released because there is more recognition. Not saving someone who loves their country are they? What happened in 2020? This is not the country where I grew up. Patriotism vanished.


1 hour ago

Makes me wonder about the patriotism of the Biden administration, at the very least it is certainly questionable!


1 hour ago

There are some of us still patriotic in this fight to make America great again.