Are They Legal Pimps


 Fraudulent Store Owners


Working in an adult book store for 10 years has widened my eyes; I hope I can help to widen yours without you having to go through what I went through. The things I have seen will either make you shake your head in disbelief or as others have told me it makes them feel sick to their stomach just thinking about it. I have many true stories I will continue to tell until something is done about these stores. It is illegal to have sex in the public and when the owner of the store makes money from it shouldn’t that make it even that much worse. I remember one night I saw a car pull up into the parking lot. A young guy who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties got out of the car and came into the store, he went back into the peep show area and found a booth. While he was back there the other guy in the car got out and also came into the store he looked to be in his sixties. He went into the peep show area and found the young guy who had pumped some cash into the machine and left his door open so the other guy could find him. The older guy went into the peep show booth and from the noises that were coming from the booth you know they were having some full on sex. Why can two men have sex in these stores whether they know each other or not and get away with it, but the girls that dance in the back are not allowed to have sex with the customers? Why don’t we have these stores for women to go and have sex with each other? Perhaps these stores should be open in the local malls. The massage parlors cannot give happy endings or they get closed down. Two guys can go at it orally or any other way they want and the police and other officials look the other way. The owner of the store has stated that as long as they have money in the machines that it is legal for them to do what they want. The police say if nobody complains that they were harassed or sexually abused in the store then they can do nothing. I guess the owners of these stores are really not much different then pimps; except at least a pimp knows and looks out for their girls. In these stores anything and everything goes on in the peep show rooms.

It is time we citizens get our government officials to stop the madness. Call your governor, state representatives and other elected and paid law officials and let them know we need to stop this. If they want these things to go on then it should be added to the ballot and voted on. I thought that brothels and such were only legal in Nevada. Legal there yes – But Goes on everywhere and the officials will not stop it. The emails that I have received about my previous articles let me know that people (our law abiding citizens) want this stopped they are afraid for the families and loved ones. Let’s do something about it now.  


Perhaps it really is ALL About the MONEY

Story By John S De Santo I