Former Maryland Gov Hogan says third-party candidate possible due to Biden, Trump’s unpopularity

• 13 million? After figuring how many jobs there were before Covid and the much smaller amount of people actually looking for work there may be just 1-2 million more jobs and an unemployment rate over 10%.
o cubepete
Notice how they never mention how well all of these jobs are paying. What I’m hearing, it’s nowhere near enough to live on in Biden’s economy.
Joe Biden did not create 13 million jobs. People just went back to work after the pandemic.
Also let’s stop giving Joe buying credit for lowering prescription drug prices because the first time I heard about that was out of the mouth of Donald Trump. Not from Obama not from any of the Democrats in C…
You should look at states with the worse unemployment rate per capita
Top ten , not one controlled by democrats
Poorest states per capita , same thing
Then when you cry about lies and bias , I ask to do your search in the Wikipedia
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Never in the history of civilization has a nation declined more economically, politically, socially, militarily, morally and globally over such a short span of time as the United States has since Biden took office. However, what really makes the collapse unique is that it was done intentionally, fr…See more
The 3 key components for a nation to fall is corruption, division and invasion. The US currently and certainly have all 3 of them in process as we speak.
This is the quote every senator and congressman should read. It should be the theme of the Republican party. And they are right, we allowed corrupt people to set the course.
And you can absolutely count on another 4 years of Joe Burden to finish us off. It was obvious what their intention was the second to not just run him for a second term, but force him what the plan is. It’s been more than clear the last 2 years we have faceless unelected individuals from whatever f…
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If American democracy is in peril, it’s not from a conservative Supreme Court trying to do its duty but from those who would trample the rule of law and constitutional norms through threats of intimidation, restructuring the Court, and attacks on its integrity. For now, the American people are not …See more
🇺🇸 I don’t believe these polls, EVER. 2016 Hilary in a landslide, 2020 Biden up 15%, then he cheats to get elected. Joey “ We have put together the most extensive voter fraud system “. I drove from North Carolina to Pa in 2020, through ALL the states 90% Trump Signs, 8% Yard Sale Signs, 2% Biden …See more
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“Keep in mind, the news media are not independent; they are a sort of bulletin board and public relations firm for the ruling class-the people who run things. Those who decide what news you will or will not hear are paid by, and tolerated purely at the whim of, those who hold economic power. If the…
I’m glad you brought that up. Because when I was reading this article, I thought ‘Imagine how close those polls would be if the mainstream media was willing to report on the alleged Biden bribery story’.
That’s why I read South-China-Morning-Post and Al Jazeera at least once a week to find out what is really going on.
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Just an indication that a majority of Americans understand that the indictments against Trump are politically motivated to prevent him from running for President again. It is a Democrat conspired political hit job to remove a viable conservative threat from the campaign to give the Democrats an adv…
What slays me is that no one on the left understood that giving Trump attention (in ANY way, shape, or form) is like pouring gasoline on a fire. If they REALLY wanted to beat Trump, they should have ignored him. Same with the left-wing media. They think they are influencing people, when they are…
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What they really fear is the wrath of Trump if he gets into office again. The jails will fill up overnight once the DOJ and FBI are all reappointed with actual real people that want to apply the law fairly.
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Where is the infrastructure getting built? Not in my state. People can’t afford any more of this government. A case in point. We have had people committed to buying meat for their freezer, and have had more cancellations this year since we have been doing this, which by the way has been since the m…See more
Just like Obama’s 2009 “stimulus” bill: Most of it went to unions who channeled much if it back to Obama’s 2012 re-election. And by the way, Obama is the only president in American history to win re-election with fewer votes than in his initial election. One more interesting election trivia: Clinto…See more
Philadelphia just lost the conector1–95 section that fell killing one person in the rubble..five days ago…theres your road repairs…!
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Food costs more now. Gasoline prices are still too high. Inflation is eating up old people on pensions. Most unions do not have a cost of living adjustment for pensions. Electric bills are higher now. We are on the verge of a nuclear war over Ukraine. I don’t think Joe Biden has improved our q…
not to mention all the perversion the dems spew
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Brazile stated “The country wants change”?
What change does she think we want?
I personally don’t want to see it change any further Left. I want to see it change to the Right.
That’s the problem. Ever since Obamas “hope and change” slogan, the word change has become synonymous for the left as meaning socialism. But I want change, I want it changed back the way it was. But if I say I want change, they take it to mean socialism.
o OldRoper
When are these lower prescription prices suppose to begin?
Someone mentioned a January Coup, so had to give an unbiased view from a non citizen.
Watching from Canada with interest for years now. I think the only Coup was perpetrated by the Dems against the sitting government in 2020. The disinformation was so organized, with the sole intention of making thi…
• NChGeorgalis
Trump got 80 million votes in 2020. He will get more this time. He is experienced and extraordinarily effective on economics, and foreign affairs. He is widely respected by our allies and feared by our enemies including the left and the swamp. Besides what better way to spite the left than to vo…