‘They Want Me Dead’: Nearly Dozen Philadelphia Families Fearing For Lives After Cooperating In Criminal Investigations

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Nearly a dozen families in Philadelphia say they’re living on the edge and literally dodging bullets because they or a family member have cooperated in criminal investigations. A city councilmember is now collaborating with the sheriff’s department to provide them with a sense of safety.

“They want me dead because he witnessed something,” a Philadelphia mother said.
This Philadelphia mother says she lives in constant fear for her life and the lives of her children after a family member cooperated with authorities in a police investigation.
We are concealing her identity for her protection.
“I don’t sleep,” she said. “I probably get two hours of sleep a day because I’m up at night making sure he can sleep.”
She is one of several families who says they’re being harassed and terrorized in the wake of either their testimony or their family members’ cooperation in criminal cases.
“We’re getting threats. We getting shot at, how are we not victims?” she said.
“We have to do much better protecting our women and children,” Sister Taleah Taylor with the City of Dreams Coalition said.
Taylor, a community activist and anti-violence advocate, is working with these families now seeking the help of Councilmember David Oh.
“Nine mothers who are being victimized, like literally being shot at, physically assaulted because their children had cooperated with law enforcement, testified in court or they themselves had seen or said something,” Oh said.
Oh has gone as far as heading into neighborhoods where these families live.
“I went to a location and the first thing I saw when I went to the house was a lamp post outside one of the houses with clearly a bullet hole in it,” Oh said.
The councilmember is enlisting the help of the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department hoping to provide safety resources and relocation opportunities to those facing the terror of retaliation.
“We’re looking at how we can help those families that after they cooperate not being left with no way of securing themselves or their families,” Sheriff Rochelle Bilal said, “because if you want people to come out and support law enforcement and testify and be witnesses, then you need to make sure they’re safe then and they’re safe afterwards.”
The Sheriff’s Department says this should be a joint effort between city entities, including police and the district attorney’s office, to come up with plans to keep families who cooperate in criminal cases safe.
They are working out the details now on those plans with many families asking for relocation options.

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Young mom who died from COVID vaccine was coerced into receiving jab via government mandate, heartbreaking obituary says

The family of a young mother who died from COVID-19 vaccine complications says that their loved one is gone all because she was coerced into receiving a shot by government mandate.

Washington state health officials acknowledged on Tuesday that the otherwise healthy woman died due to blood clotting complications following a COVID-19 vaccine.
In a news release, health officials said, "Sadly, this is the first such death in Washington State. We send our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. Losing a loved one at any time is a tragic and difficult and pain that's become all too familiar in the last year and a half of this pandemic."
What are the details?
A Wednesday report from the Western Journal said that the family of 37-year-old Jessica Berg Wilson said Wilson was reluctant to get the jab, but relented due to a mandate.
A portion of the obituary read, "Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, Wash., passed away unexpectedly Sept. 7, 2021 from COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family. Jessica was an exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions."
According to the obituary, Wilson left behind a husband and two daughters ages 3 and 5 years.
“During the last weeks of her life ... the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates," the obituary continued. "Local and state governments were determined to strip away her right to consult her wisdom and enjoy her freedom. ... She had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, knowing she was in good health and of a young age and thus not at risk for serious illness. In her mind, the known and unknown risks of the unproven vaccine were more of a threat."
The obituary added, "But, slowly, day by day, her freedom to choose was stripped away. Her passion to be actively involved in her children's education — which included being a Room Mom — was, once again, blocked by government mandate. Ultimately, those who closed doors and separated mothers from their children prevailed. It cost Jessica her life. It cost her children the loving embrace of their caring mother. And it cost her husband the sacred love of his devoted wife. It cost God's Kingdom on earth a very special soul who was just making her love felt in the hearts of so many."
What else?
King County health officials on Tuesday also confirmed that Wilson died as a result of the vaccine.
“The individual, a woman in her late 30s, is the first confirmed death in King County from this very rare vaccine complication," the officials said. "The resident received her vaccination on August 26, 2021 and died on September 7, 2021. Her cause of death was determined to be thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), a condition that has been identified as a rare but potentially serious adverse event in people who received the J&J vaccine."
King County said the TTS diagnosis was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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New poll shows Joe Biden is hemorrhaging support among critical voter demographics

Alarm bells should be going off in the White House after a new poll showed that President Joe Biden is hemorrhaging support among a voter demographic critical to winning presidential elections.

What are the details?
The Associated Press-NORC poll shows that Biden's approval rating sits at 50% while his disapproval rating stands at 49%. In this particular poll, Biden's approval has tanked nearly 10 points since July when the same survey found Biden's approval rating to be 59%.
But the real story is how poorly Biden is viewed by independent voters, the demographic critical to winning the White House.
Since July, Biden has hemorrhaged more than 20 points among independent voters; only 38% of independents now approve of Biden, according to the poll, whereas 62% approved of him just two months ago.
Biden even lost seven points among Democrats, down to 85% approval from 92% in July.
Among black Americans, Biden's support has cratered from 86% to 64% in just two months. The AP tried to soften the blow by characterizing the massive decrease as Biden's support among black Americans having "dipped somewhat."
In its story covering the bad news for Biden, the AP attempted to draw blame toward former President Donald Trump:
In follow-up interviews, some of those who had mixed feelings about Biden's performance still saw him as preferable to former President Donald Trump. They said that Biden was dealing with a pandemic that began under the former president, an Afghanistan withdrawal negotiated on Trump's behalf and an economy that tilted in favor of corporations and the wealthy because of Trump's tax cuts.
"Trump had a lot to do with what's going on now," said Acarla Strickland, 41, a health care worker from Atlanta who voted for Biden yet now feels lukewarm about him.
However, Trump cannot be blamed for Biden's self-inflicted wounds.
Not only is Biden facing massive legislative battles on Capitol Hill that are not going in his favor, but the COVID-19 pandemic has ranged on under his leadership, as has the border crisis, which has generated bipartisan blame. Biden also presided over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, with resulted in more American casualties.
Not only is support for Biden cratering, but another poll shows his promise to unify America is becoming a foregone possibility.
The poll — conducted by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia in partnership with Project Home Fire — discovered that 41% of Biden supporters and 52% of Trump supporters agree the United States should be split between Republican-controlled states and Democratic-controlled states.

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President Biden is making the world a more dangerous place

Last week, President Biden gave his first address to the United Nations General Assembly. He continues to claim that "America is back," and that the United States intends to "lead on all of the greatest challenges of our time." President Biden used to be right. But, sadly, the current reality looks very different.

In 1776, our nation's birth was the result of American victory. Since then, from defeating the Axis of Evil to innovating COVID-19 vaccines, America has always led the world through its darkest times. President Biden is not only failing to do that, but also making the world a more dangerous place.

The Taliban and ISIS-K are unnecessarily emboldened, enriched and energized. Right now, they are arresting, torturing and killing Afghans who fought alongside American troops for years. The Biden administration has responded by calling these terrorists a "strategic partner."

Unfortunately, the consequences of this rolling humiliation do not end at the borders of Afghanistan. The world is watching as we leave Americans behind enemy lines, despite having the greatest military force in the history of the world. And our adversaries will take advantage of President Biden's undeniable weakness.

In the immediate wake of the disastrous withdrawal, China began performing assault drills near Taiwan. Every indication is that China will only accelerate its efforts to reclaim the country. Unless President Biden has a fundamental change in his constitution, we can't assume he would do anything to defend them.

Russia increased their cyberattacks on America the moment President Biden stepped into office, likely as a test of his resolve. And how did President Biden respond? He cleared the way for a Russian pipeline that will boost our rival's economy and enhance their ability to manipulate our partners in Western Europe. This is the type of decision-making that is hamstringing our own interests, both abroad and here at home.

Despite his generosity toward Russia, President Biden began his term by going to war against American energy. When President Biden came into office, for the first time in 35 years, America was energy independent. We didn't import a single barrel of oil from Saudi Arabia in 2020. President Biden is changing that. He sabotaged the Keystone pipelinecanceled domestic oil and gas leases, rolled back restrictions on Iranian oil sales and more. Then, when the price of energy began to rise, as it inevitably would, he even went to our foreign competitors and asked them to increase their production to help cover his mistakes. These decisions destroyed American jobs and empowered our enemies.

Meanwhile, Americans have watched helplessly as our already sky-high spending has grown to even more preposterous levels. Over the past 18 months, Democrats have approved or proposed $16-18 trillion in spending. And what is President Biden funding with your tax dollars? An ever-growing government, subsidies for politically favored industries, programs that incentivize people not to work and entitlement programs.

Essentially, President Biden is committed to ensuring the government is in your life from cradle to grave, no matter how much taxing and spending that requires.

Predictably, this has resulted in levels of inflation that we haven't seen in decades. The costs of housing, fuel, food and just about every other necessity in your life are all on the rise. This is effectively an additional tax on every American.

The one place President Biden was sure to succeed was in the pandemic response, or so you would think. He inherited a ready-to-go vaccine program and an economy that was primed to take off. Still, he has lost the confidence of the American people with arbitrary, baseless, inconsistent guidance.

Shortly before taking office, President Biden made the vaccine declaration that he wouldn't "demand that it be mandatory." Now, he's blaming his fellow Americans and political opponents for the surge of COVID-19 this summer and ordering them to be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. President Biden has come a long way from his pledges to unify the country and defeat COVID-19.

And where does all of this leave us? Unfortunately, in a more dangerous world - both at home and abroad.

Among America's most important allies, there is no longer any trust that President Biden can be relied on as a serious partner. Among America's most competitive rivals, there is no longer any belief that President Biden can protect our interests. And among the American people, there is no longer any faith that President Biden can defend our most fundamental ideals.

Stewart represents Utah's 2nd District.

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